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Total Fluid Management (TFM)

Total Fluid Management (TFM) ) is a service orientated towards the customer and represents complex care of lubricants and lubrication.

TFM ensures the following activities:
  • Delivery and storage of lubricants
  • Selection and application of the most suitable lubricant
  • Professional realisation of servicing activities
  • Prevention of downtime as a result of unexpected malfunction of machines and equipment
  • Assurance of disposal and removal of used lubricants in accordance with valid legislation
  • Purchasing logistics – only the required goods are ordered
  • Transport and storage logistics at the expense of the TMF provider
  • Cost reduction per production unit – economisation of operating fillings
  • Laboratory analyses and technological servicing within 24 hours
  • Waste and packaging reduction including free disposal
  • Installation and technical maintenance of equipment for TFM operation
  • Organisation of employees – regular instruction
  • Quality and environment management

In brief, complex care of lubrication provided in the form of TFM means: Monitoring lubricants throughout their life cycle, i.e. from origin of a requirement for lubricants, through selection of the optimal lubricant, delivery to the workplace, professional filling of lubricants into machinery, smooth monitoring of changes taking place in the lubricant during its operation, to its removal and disposal in compliance with the valid environmental protection regulations.

Preservatives serve to protect metal surfaces from the effects of the environment, thereby preventing transformation of metals and their compounds, particularly into oxides. Preservative oils and vaselines are petroleum products with additives improving protection against atmospheric corrosion. They are intended for temporary preservation of metal products.

The duration of protection depends on the protective properties of the preservative, and also on the climatic conditions – on the perfection of the preservative procedure, the type of protective packaging and on storage or transport conditions

Servicing team

– servicing and consultancy on the customer’s premises

We are happy to use our knowledge and experience in the field of application of lubrication oils and plastic lubricants on your premises. As a result of the new Madit service vehicle we are capable of rapidly responding to clients’ acute requirements and dealing with potential problems on the customer’s premises. The vehicle is equipped with the most modern technology intended for filtering oils, treating emulsion metal machining liquids, tribology diagnostics, determining the optimum service life of lubricants, etc. Our experts in the field can help rectify potentially unsuitable selection or unsuitable use of lubricants and extend replacement intervals. Potential or hidden defects in equipment can also be revealed in time and serious malfunctions and extensive damages can be prevented.

Technical servicing

Tribology consultancy

We offer you services by qualified experts in tribology, who will use their knowledge and experience in the field of lubrication to assist you during selection of the most suitable lubricant and offer solutions to any problems concerning optimum use of lubricants. Rapid and qualified assistance by our experts reduces customers’ operating risks and ensures reliable operation of equipment. Our expert consultancy contributes towards our clients achieving their goals in the field of rationalisation and optimisation of costs.

1) Collection of samples

The client or our expert collects a sufficient quantity of the oil intended for analysis in the sample container according to the simple appended instructions.

2) Sample analysis

The sample is analysed using the most modern equipment, which includes an ICP spectrograph, titroprocessor, CCD photometer, Houillon automatic viscometer, etc. The obtained results are evaluated by experienced experts.

3) Delivery of the results

The customer receives a written report, which contains the results of all tests and an expert explanation, if required, together with proposed solutions – recommendations, which interventions must be carried out in the equipment, or which lubrication oil used. In the event that the oil analysis result indicates the possibility of serious damage to the equipment, the customer is informed immediately, thereby preventing significant costs for repairs and preventing losses caused by interruption in production.


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  • Schaeffler Group INA-FAG
  • ČZ Řetězy
  • AutoMax Wamsley enterprises international
  • TORK
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  • HSP Schwahlen GmbH
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