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  • complete range of bearings
  • UCP, UCF bearing units
  • S, SN, SNL bearing housings
  • COOPER divided bearings and housings
  • rod ends
  • freewheels
  • bushings, rings and axial belts
  • seeger rings
  • fixing and slide bushings
  • washers and nuts
  • roller elements (pins, balls, rollers)
  • special products
  • custom made bearings

The Schaeffler Group

The Schaeffler Group, which includes the INA, LuK and FAG brands, develops and manufactures precise products intended for use in everything that moves – in machinery, apparatus and cars, as well as in aerospace technology.

One a world-wide scale the Schaeffler Group is a leading supplier of rolling bearings, as well as a renowned supplier of components for the automotive industry. This globally active group of enterprises, with registered office in Herzogenaurach, attained a turnover of approximately 10.7 billion EUR in 2011. With over 74,000 employees worldwide, the Schaeffler Group is one of the largest family-owned German and European industrial businesses.

The Schaeffler Group conducts activities in over 50 countries and 180 plants and operations. As well as traditional primary markets in Europe and North America, the importance of growing markets in Asia and East Europe is also increasing. The highest quality and environmental protection standards are applied at all Schaeffler Group plants and operations are certified according to valid international standards. The accepted code of ethics also obliges the Schaeffler Group to adhere to high social and ethical standards


Automotive Industry

The main group of customers, which provides 60 per cent of our turnover, consists of customers from the automotive industry. The Schaeffler Group represents a reputable partner in the field of development, which is familiar with complete drive apparatus systems – i.e. engines, transmissions, undercarriages and auxiliary machinery for motorised passenger and utility vehicles. Precise INA, LuK and FAG brand products help make it possible to attain lower vehicle fuel consumption and emissions, without negative impact on driving comfort and enjoyment. Our customers include all the renowned vehicle manufacturers and reputable suppliers worldwide. Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket assures spare parts for car servicing facilities and provides them with related services.


Using a worldwide market orientated organisation, the Industry Division assures delivery and technical consultancy concerning rolling and linear-motion bearings solutions, as well as INA and FAG brand linear and direct drive technologies for customers from approximately 60 various branches of industry. The company’s range includes 225,000 products – from miniature bearings for dentist’s drills to large-dimension bearings of an exterior diameter of several meters, used in wind turbines for example.

The reputable “Aerospace” branch of the Industry Division manufactures highly precise bearings for airplanes, helicopters and rocket propulsion, such as bearings for the Airbus A 380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane engines. The range of products is supplemented by special applications of highly precise bearings used in medical technology.



This brand, which was established by brothers Dr. Wilhelm Schaeffler and Dr. Ing. h.c. Georg Schaeffler in 1946 in the town of Herzogenaurach, has become a world leader in manufacture of rolling bearings and a leading supplier of components for the automotive industry. The company primarily manufactures rolling bearings, linear systems and special products for the automotive industry under this brand. In 1949 Georg Schaeffler launched the successful activities of this company, with registered office in Herzogenaurach, by developing the needle bearing cage – a brilliant invention, which helped promote needle bearings in industrial applications. As a result, INA needle bearings replaced linear-motion bearings, which were formerly used in VW Beetle transmissions, in 1952. This deed launched the era of these bearings in the automotive industry. Nearly all modern cars use special INA brand products for engines and transmissions. Use of cam shaft regulators and cam followers with a hydraulically limited valve range enables modern passenger car engines to produce a higher output while consuming less fuel, with a lower emission level and increased driving comfort. The high quality and reliability of INA brand rolling bearings, special products for the automotive industry and linear technology assures the Schaeffler Group’s reputation as a desirable and reliable partner for many industrial companies.


The FAG brand is inextricably linked to manufacture of rolling bearings. In 1883 Friedrich Fisher constructed a mill in Schweinfurt for manufacturing tempered steel balls, which enabled machine-production of highly precise steel balls in great quantities for the first time in history. This concept is considered the historic beginning of industrial production of rolling bearings, which then left Schweinfurt on a victorious crusade worldwide. Since that time FAG (Fischers Aktiengesellschaft) brand – a trade mark registered since 1905 – ball bearings have been considered a synonym for first-class products and top-quality know-how. The FAG brand has represented an important building block in the Schaeffler Group since its acquisition by the INA-Holding Schaeffler KG Company in 2001. Whether this concerns highly precise bearings for aerospace, bearings for the passenger car wheels with sensors, or large-dimension bearings of an external diameter exceeding four meters for wind turbines, FAG brand products are always the first choice for all customers in the field of aerospace, industry and automotive technology. The FAG brand manufacturing range and offer of services ideally complements INA brand products.

Success factors

Factors contributing to the success of the Schaeffler Group include its proximity to customers worldwide as well as its orientation towards colleagues and sustainable management and primarily emphasis on innovation potential and creativity. Dr. Ing. h.c. Georg Schaeffler, a brilliant engineer and successful businessman rolled into one, laid the foundation stone of today’s Schaeffler Group with his invention of the needle roller cage.

Over 5,500 employees in 40 research and development centres develop new products, technologies, processes and methods for optimum solutions corresponding to market requirements. With regard to over 1,600 submitted patent applications per year and over 16,000 currently valid patents, the Schaeffler Group is a leading industrial innovator. The primary development centres in Germany, which are located in Herzogenaurach, Schweinfurt and Bühl, are interconnected with other development centres in Europe, Asia and also North and South America.


The DEXIRIGHT a.s. Company is located in its own administrative building with warehouse, which chiefly has INA-FAG bearings available. The DEXIRIGHT a.s. Company assures sales of INA and FAG brands by means of its sales agents throughout the Czech Republic or in the form of electronic purchases using the e-shop.


We perform cutting and fitting of linear profile guides – so-called rails, including subsequent fitting, installation of cover strips, bevelling of edges, boring apertures and preparation for assembly on the basis of the submitter’s documentation. We also perform simple machining of circular rods to measure – separation, bevelling of edges, apertures and threads on the rod axis and now also separation of profile guides. We deliver such modified rods and profile guides to our customers within 48 hours.



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